Jun 23, 2010

Kari Meyer "Hamadryad"

Kari Meyer
Hamadryad, 2009
acrylic on canvas
Value: $295

Kari Meyer was born and raised in Vermont and the landscape is an integral part of her artistic inspiration. The Japanese ideals of wabi-sabi, a prominent philosophy of Japanese aesthetics, also play a role in inspiring her work.

As an artist, Meyer views art as a form of communication that has a power beyond that of words. Through imagery she attempts to portray ideas that words cannot, like the archetypal beauty that connects all things. Her work attempts to create a positive experience for the viewer, while also making a positive commentary on the world. She believes that the preservation of nature is what will allow for the survival of humanity and the more we ignore the natural beauty around us the further we are from our natural state of being. Meyer views wabi-sabi as an ideal that connects humanity to nature.

“To me, wabi-sabi changes the worldview of western civilization. Things we normally view as negative become beautiful. Loneliness, old age, and death become beautiful because they are inevitable and represent the constant flux of the universe.” Meyer attempts to address this idea of the movement of eternity through her landscapes. The constant change of the seasons, the cycles within nature, to her, represents an immanent relationship between all things that exist. Her work urges the viewer to contemplate the relationship between oneself, nature, and the universe.

Please visit the artist's website for more information: click here.

Jun 22, 2010

Stanley Maltzman "Woodcock"

Stanley Maltzman (American, b. 1921)
lithograph (A/P)
22.5"x21.5" (framed)

Value: $500

Maltzman is a nature/landscape plein air artist who works most often in pastel, watercolor, charcoal and pencil. He is also the author of "Drawing Nature, Drawing Trees, The Art of Stanley Maltzman" and an educator, giving workshops across the country. He has exhibited at The Carnegie Museum of Natural History, The Butler Institute, The National Academy, and The American Academy of Arts and Letters to name just a few. Maltzman's work is represented in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the U.S. Coast Guard Museum among others. His work has been featured in "American Artist" magazine and has been widely published. Maltzman depicts a detail-oriented hyper-realism in this lithograph, displaying his devotion and respect to the natural world.

Jun 21, 2010

dug Nap, "Grrrrr (Dog)"

dug Nap
Grrrrrr (Dog), 1993
oil on board

Value: $500

dug Nap is a self-taught painter and illustrator based in Burlington, VT. Sometimes referred to as an “Outsider” artist, Nap's style has also been labeled “folk,” although neither do his versatility justice. He and his work as a whole defy labels. He has a recognizable, sometimes dark sense of humor and his subject matter is mostly animals, sometimes humans, and often incorporates text. Nap has recently been illustrating children’s books, and is exploring performance art grounded in his brand of poetic humor and spoken word and occasionally through music media.

Jun 20, 2010

Tom Cullins "Morning"

Tom Cullins
Morning, 2010
acrylic on paper
11"x21" (framed)
Value: $400

For over 40 years, Tom Cullins was dedicated to the highest standards of architectural design. He has won numerous state, national and international awards for his work. Tom has been painting since childhood in both oils, acrylics, and watercolors. Over the past few years, he has begun to show his artwork in Vermont, as well as with the Voukariani Gallery on the island of Kea in Greece, where he and his wife have a summer home. For Tom, creativity is vital and is the spirit that keeps life invigorating and exciting. Since retiring from his architectural firm, Tom has intensified his experimentation with painting and photography, most recently during the Vermont Studio Center's "Vermont Week" residency program.
Visit the artist's website for more information: http://www.cullinsart.com/index.html

Jun 19, 2010

Max Schumann "Meadowlands"

Max Schumann
oil on cardboard

Value: $1,000

Max Schumann is a conceptual painter working primarily in acrylics. Rooted in the “Cheap Art” movement attributed to Schumann’s father Peter, who is the founder of the countercultural theater group Bread & Puppet. Schumann has also been described as an “Outsider” artist who lives on the inside of the art world (he is Associate Director of "Printed Matter" and he shows his work commercially) -- his work is a fusion between “handmade” and “high art.” He paints Expressionistic scenes copied from mass media sources -- popular material from advertisements (new cars), newspapers (politics and politicians), and film. Shumann often injects words to create political agendas, as is seen in Meadowlands. He has an interest in constructed realities characterized by an un-precious, “fast and furious” style, often repeating his images, just as his media sources do.

Jun 18, 2010

Tom Goldenberg, "Belvedere 3"

Tom Goldenberg
Belvedere 3, 2009
oil on linen

Value: $9,000
The realism that American landscape painting was built upon becomes an almost abstract “orchestration of space, rhythm, and incident” in Goldenberg’s paintings. In fact, Goldenberg began as an abstract painter, but currently combines realism with abstraction to paint mostly Dutchess County, NY landscapes.That he works from photographs may explain the almost “Cubist” sensibilities in some of his work, as he is able to break down and reconstruct compositions into blocks of color and light. Belvedere 3 combines gold and sepia-toned color fields of foliage with a meandering, reflective pathway of water through an intimate foreground and out into a gradually fading background. Goldenberg received his BFA from the University of Illinois, Champaign. His work has been featured in publications such as "Arts Magazine", "Art in America", "Art & Antiques", and "Arts Journal". He has been collected extensively by corporations and museums, and has exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Jun 17, 2010

Carol Boucher "Open Spaces"

Carol Boucher
Open Spaces, 2008
monotype with etching ink and oil paint
19"x22.5" (framed)
Value: $625

Carol Boucher has been exhibiting paintings and drawings since 1987. She is a full-time artist and has won numerous awards. She exhibits oil pastel paintings, acrylics and monotypes across the U.S. Carol's monotypes will be included in a three-person show "Trilogy" opening at the Emile Gruppe Gallery in Jericho, VT on July 15th.

To visit this artist's website, please click here.

Jun 16, 2010

Sheila Hollender
Untitled Waves (from series)
color photograph
31"x39" (framed)

Value: $700

Sheila Hollender she has served as the Director of Giving for Vermont-based company, Seventh Generation since 1993. Sheila currently sits on the Board of Recycle North and volunteers her time and talents to King Street Youth Center, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, and Burlington City Arts. A professional photographer, Hollender was also a partner in various law firms from 1988-1994, including most recently Rudd, Rosenberg & Hollender. Wife of Seventh Generation co-founder, Jeffrey Hollender, and mother of three, Sheila resides with her family in Charlotte, VT. Her photography is held in numerous private and corporate collections and she has participated in solo and group exhibitions throughout Vermont.

Jun 15, 2010

Lars Larsen "Chicken Bone Diet" and "Untitled" (offered together)

Lars Larsen
Chicken Bone Diet (before and after), 1987
22"x26" (unframed)
Lot Value (2 pieces): $300

Lars Larsen has been building furniture in the Burlington area for nearly 40 years. He created these prints (see below) in the 1980's while working on his studio art degree from the University of Vermont.

This print is offered together with Larsen's "Untitled" monoprint below.

Jun 14, 2010

Lars Larsen
Untitled, 1988
22"x26" (unframed)

Lot Value (2 pieces): $300

Lars Larsen has been building furniture in the Burlington area for nearly 40 years. He created these prints (see above) in the 1980's while working on his studio art degree from the University of Vermont.

This print is offered together with Larsen's "Chicken Bone Diet" monoprint above.

Jun 10, 2010

Abbi Stern - Brooklyn Heavy Metal Bracelet

Abbi Stern
Brooklyn Heavy Metal -- Birch Bangle
18k gold plated with green tourmaline
roughly 2" wide

Value: $650

"Walking along the beach in Vermont, in an attempt to reconnect with my tree hugging roots, I came across the piece of birch bark that was cast to make this bracelet. Unfortunately due to the flaky nature of birch bark, the original piece was incinerated in the casting process and this 18k gold plated casting is all that remains."
Raised in the rolling hills of Vermont, Abbi escaped her fate as a milk maid by trading in her mukluks and cow paddies for a life of Bottega and Bourbon in Brooklyn. Working everywhere from a corporate office to a designer showroom to a closet inside the men’s bathroom in a NYC club, Abbi’s variety of diverse living and working experiences have become the driving creative force behind Brooklyn Heavy Metal. The dichotomies of city and country, glamour and grunge, are reflected in each piece she designs and handcrafts in her studio in the heart of Gowanus, Brooklyn. Artist Website: Brooklyn Heavy Metal
*Please wear with care as this bangle may easily snag due to the birch bark-like nature of this piece.

Jun 9, 2010

H. Keith Wagner, "Untitled Boxcar Study"

H. Keith Wagner
Untitled Boxcar Study
acrylic on paper

14"x11" (unframed)

Value: $250

As a landscape architect and metal artist, Wagner was inspired by the agrarian landscape of his childhood, his father's passion for industrial design and fabrication, and a life-long love of minimalism. He began using artistic expression as a release from the conventions of his design practice, exploring abstract painting, two-dimensional collages and metal assemblage as part of the design process for specific projects. What originated as a hands-on testing ground for the properties of materials has evolved into a simple love for creating art. Wagner’s work draws from the pure abstraction of the visual world into the repetition of objects, order of grids, and textures. He lives and practices art in North Ferrisburgh, Vermont.

Please visit the artist's website for more information: click here.

Jun 8, 2010

Sara Katz, "Untitled Farm"

Sara Katz
Untitled Farm, 2010

oil on board

Value: $750

Sara Katz’s paintings are characterized by wide-open spaces punctuated by vertical and often repetitious suggestions of human presence. She uses a paint quality that may reflect back on a fleeting memory of passing a less than ordinary scene and uses bright colors to turn the desolate or banal into the nostalgic or magnificent--whether a simple, barren agricultural field or an urban scene viewed from the window of a moving train or car. The persistent use of the square format suggests a quest for systemization and unifies her approach to painting. Sara Katz is the Assistant Director of Burlington City Arts and lives and practices art in North Ferrisburgh, Vermont. Sara Katz received her B.S. from Skidmore College. She is the Assistant Director of Burlington City Arts and lives and practices art in North Ferrisburgh, Vermont.

Please visit the artist's website for more information: click here.

Jun 7, 2010

Adam DeVarney, "So Weit"

Adam DeVarney
So Weit
acrylic and mixed media on canvas
25.5"x37.5" (framed)

Value: $540

Adam DeVarney creates graphic and illustrative works through the use of painting, drawing and collage; with an often eclectic subject matter and with a contemporary urban aesthetic. His work has been published numerous times in ArtMap Burlington, including the cover and with an artist profile in the January 2010 issue. He received a Bachelors of Fine Art at the Pratt Institute of Brooklyn, and currently lives and works in Burlington, Vermont.

Jun 6, 2010

Pat Steir, "Last Summer"

Pat Steir
Last Summer, 2008
mixed media and collage
14.5"x20.5" (unframed)

Value: $1,000
Steir received her BFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, where she later earned an Honorary Doctorate in Fine Arts Degree. She is an abstract painter, printmaker, and conceptual artist, with a foundation in graphics and illustration (her background is evident in her work characterized by grids, tonal charts, and painterly marks). She has taught at Parsons School of Design, Princeton University, Hunter College, and California Institute of the Arts. Steir was the recipient of two National Endowment for the Arts grants (Individual Artist’s grant and an Art in Public Spaces grant), and both a Guggenheim grant and Fellowship. Her professional experience includes work as Art Director at Harper & Row and as a board member for feminist magazines "Printed Matter" and "Heresies". She was honored by the American Women’s Economic Development Corporation with their Salute to Women in the Business of Art award. Steir exhibits nationally and internationally, and currently lives and works in both Amsterdam and New York.

Jun 5, 2010

Lance Richbourg, "Marylyn & Joe"

The following pieces by Lance Richbourg are being auctioned as part of a 5-piece portfolio of his work.

Lance Richbourg
Marilyn & Joe, 2008
acrylic on newsprint
Portfolio work #1 of 5

Portfolio Value: $2,500
Lance Richbourg Artist Statement:
"In 1964 I did a series using cowboys shooting each other as subject matter. Later in '68 I painted portraits from life. From 1970 to 2006 I used baseball scenes of action. Along side this, through the 80s, I also drew and painted "mad dogs". For the last few years I have moved away from from baseball, using Joe Dimaggio's wife, Marilyn Monroe as my subject matter."

Jun 4, 2010

Lance Richbourg, "Mad Dog"

Lance Richbourg
Mad Dog, 2004
ink on paper
Portfolio work #2 of 5

Portfolio Value: $2,500

Jun 3, 2010

Lance Richbourg, "D. Duck"

Lance Richbourg
D. Duck, 1968
ink on paper
Portfolio work #3 of 5

Portfolio Value: $2,500

Jun 2, 2010

Lance Richbourg, "Collision at Home Plate"

Lance Richbourg
Collision at Home Plate, 2002
ink and tempera
Portfolio work #4 of 5

Portfolio Value: $2,500

Jun 1, 2010

Lance Richbourg, "Cowboy Drawing"

Lance Richbourg
Cowboy Drawing, 1964
tempura on paper
Portfolio work #5 of 5

Portfolio Value: $2,500

May 30, 2010

Helen Shulman "Nailing It Down"

Helen Shulman
Nailing It Down, 2009
oil on linen over panel with copper

Value: $2600

Helen Shulman's paintings are represented in galleries up and down the east coast. Her work can be found in numerous corporate and private collections across the country. To view more images, or to read the artist's bio, please visit her website: click here.

May 29, 2010

Thomas Curtin, "Covered Bridge"

Thomas Curtin (Am. 1899-1977)
Covered Bridge
oil on canvasboard

Value: $5,800

Born in Pittsfield, MA, Curtin studied at the National Academy of Design and at the Art Students League, where he befriended John Carlson, who would become his mentor. He moved to Vermont with fellow artists, including Carlson, and Emile Gruppé and Aldro Hibbard. His work may be found in countless private and public collections.

May 28, 2010

Bill Davison, "Snow and Wounds 9.13.09"

Bill Davison
Snow and Wounds 9.13.09, 2009
27.5"x25.5" (framed)

Value: $1,200

This monotype is part of a continuous series called Snow and Wounds which began in 1999. The first pictures were executed during periodic snowfalls and were concurrent with treatments Davison received during his fight with cancer.

It is known that individual flakes of snow, although similar to one another, have unique geometric signatures. Wounds, accidental and restorative, mimic this phenomenon as well, but unlike the quick disappearance of snow, endure in various healed disguises as scars. The prints, therefore, refer to the characteristics of snow and of wounds by using a modular system of equivalents, each unit with a luminous and singular identity according to different brush marks, color, engraved lines, edges, and pigment saturation. Rather than using the accurate calibrations of traditional printmaking, these surface manipulations have made apparent the randomness, coincidence, and the Japanese tradition of urshi, which embraces the unexpected beauty that can result from fractures and imperfections.

May 27, 2010

Sandra Wyner "Pyramid Teapot"

Sandra Wyner
Pyramid Teapot
10"x7"x5" (approx.)

Value: $1,000

Montessori principal, homeopathic doctor and ceramic artist describe the three careers that Sandra Wyner has chosen to challenge and inform her life.

When Sandra was working in clay she pushed the medium in two novel and ground breaking directions. Always confining herself to functional forms she first created deeply folded vessels only to next venture in the opposite extreme sculpting sharp edged forms that became her distinctive trademark. This piece is influenced by the Art Deco and Art Nouveau period.

May 26, 2010

Linda Karshan "8/3/02 V"

Linda Karshan
8/3/02 V, 2002
woodblock on rice paper (9/20)
20"x18" (framed)

Value: $2,000

Linda Karshan was born in Minneapolis, MN in 1947 and studied Fine Art at Skidmore College, Art History at the Sorbonne in Paris, and later Renaissance art at the Slade in London, where she currently resides part-time. She later received her Master’s in Humanistic Psychology from an Antioch University program in London. Karshan exhibits and is represented internationally. Her primary medium is graphite on paper, though she has, over the last decade, turned to printmaking, an example of which is offered here. Her process is born of a conscious devotion to allow the body a mindless, undirected “dance” as she integrates repetitive, rhythmic sequencing with pulse-like mark-making. This process is a practice in the transference of intuitive energy. For Karshan, the experience of her mark-making is multi-sensory – she can recall the particular sounds (graphite on the paper) of particular drawings. Synchronistic patterns, grids structures, geometrical pattern, time captured and later generated by the viewer, never premeditated, no beginning or end – these are the characteristics of Karshan’s work.

May 25, 2010

Ronald Slayton, "Lake Champlain"

Ronald Slayton (1910-1992)
Lake Champlain, c. 1970
watercolor (with estate stamp lower right corner)
24"x28" (framed)

Value: $1,000

Slayton was originally known for his oil paintings, but it was watercolor that brought him the most personal enjoyment, and with which he worked solely later in life. There is a strong sense of movement and play in his watercolors, as well as a story and sense of humor. Watercolor demands a boldness of stroke, fearlessness in that it is unforgiving – Slayton enjoyed the immediacy of the process “…he found the perfect expression of his personality in watercolor.” This sense of immediacy, movement, and playfulness is apparent in Lake Champlain. Slayton's first large scale exhibition was a show at the Robert Hull Fleming Museum in Burlington, VT in 1939. Born in Barre, VT, he also lived in New York on separate occasions (receiving a B.S. from Columbia Teacher’s College in 1945), and later in Knoxville, Tennessee where he taught as Associate Professor of Crafts at the University of Tennessee. He returned to Vermont in the 1950’s, became Curator of the T.W. Wood Gallery from 1968 to 1986, and was awarded the Vermont Council on the Arts’ Award of Merit in 1981.

May 24, 2010

Edmund Darch Lewis, "Autumn in the Green Mountains"

Edmund Darch Lewis (Am. 1835-1910)
Autumn in the Green Mountains, 1881
oil on canvas

Value: $4,500

A landscape painter in oil and watercolor, Lewis is best known for his marine and landscape depictions of New England, where he traveled extensively over two decades. Trained under Hudson River School painter Paul Weber, Lewis was first shown at age 19 at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts where later, at 24, he became an Associate Member. He also exhibited at the National Academy of Design in New York and the Boston Athenaeum. Lewis was a Luminist painter, a style characterized by luminous lighting effects, concealed brush strokes, and attention to detail, which was displayed by many Hudson River School artists. Autumn in the Green Mountains is a perfect example of Hudson River School Luminism, with its hazy light, soft water, and meticulous brush strokes.

May 23, 2010

The following 12 pieces are part of a limited edition portfolio, "Transitions", created by artists for Burlington City Arts' Print Studio in 2005.

Sarah Amos
Untitled, 2005
drypoint, hand-colored with gouache
4"x3" (image)

Transitions Portfolio, image #1 of 12
Portfolio Value: $1,200

This portfolio (12 total pieces) was created for Burlington City Arts in 2005 by artists affiliated with BCA's Print Studio. It consists of a limited edition of 12 images numbered 1/20 through 20/20 and 2 artist's proofs pulled by each participant. The prints are done on Somerset Velvet paper. The archival handcrafted portfolio is designed and bound with letterpress printed pages by Heather Neal. The limited edition portfolios are in numerous private and university collections.

May 22, 2010

Brian Cohen
Tree Trunk, 2005
relief etching, hand-colored with watercolor
9"x7" (image)
Transitions Portfolio, image #2 of 12
Portfolio Value: $1,200

May 21, 2010

Ira Cummings
Fugazi, 2005
etching and aquatint

Transitions Portfolio, image #3 of 12
Portfolio Value: $1,200

May 20, 2010

Lars Fisk
Out of the Woods, 2005
woodblock print
15"x11" (image)
Transitions Portfolio, image #4 of 12
Portfolio Value: $1,200

May 19, 2010

Jerry Geier
Untitled, 2005
15"x11" (image)

Transitions Portfolio, image #5 of 12
Portfolio Value: $1,200

May 18, 2010

Holly Hauser
Untitled, 2005
drypoint and carborundum on plastic
7.25"x6.25" (image)

Transitions Portfolio, image #6 of 12
Portfolio Value: $1,200

May 17, 2010

George Mench
polymer plate relief
9.5"x7.5" (image)

Transitions Portfolio, image #7 of 12
Portfolio Value: $1,200

May 16, 2010

Heather Neal
Unusual Attraction, 2005
drypoint on plastic
8.5"x5" (image)

Transitions Portfolio, image #8 of 12
Portfolio Value: $1,200

May 15, 2010

Beth Pearson
What Sets and Rises, 2005
9"x9" (image)

Transitions Portfolio, image #9 of 12
Portfolio Value: $1,200

May 14, 2010

Susan Smereka
Shaula, 2005
drypoint on plastic
2.5"x9.75" (image)

Transitions Portfolio, image #10 of 12
Portfolio Value: $1,200

May 13, 2010

David Sokol
Ten Thousand Things, 2005
etching, woodcut, and letterpress
8.5"x7" (image)

Transitions Portfolio, image #11 of 12
Portfolio Value: $1,200

May 12, 2010

Sumru Tekin
Untitled, 2005
drypoint on plastic
15"x6.5" (image)

Transitions Portfolio, image #12 of 12
Portfolio Value: $1,200

May 11, 2010

Richard Erdman "Segno"

Richard Erdman
Segno, 1993
bronze, signed edition 7 of 8
9.5"x4.5"x4" (including marble base)

Value: $7,500

Richard Erdman creates abstract sculpture of both intimate and monumental scale in stone and bronze from his studios in Williston, VT and Carrara, Italy. His art is known for its vitality, energy, and seemingly light buoyant motion, as if defying the material from which it is formed. The power and life the artist bestows in his work, both daring and subtle, conveys passion and strength, deeply engaging the viewer. The artist’s extensive body of work can be found in distinguished public and private collections in over 40 countries worldwide.
To visit this artist's website, please click here.

May 10, 2010

Grisha Bruskin "Jewish New Year 5751"

Grisha Bruskin (Russian, b. 1945)
Jewish New Year 5751, 1990
screen print on paper (edition, 9/90)
22.25"x17.25" (image, but this piece is framed at approx. 26"x22")

Value: $1,000

Born in1945, Grisha Bruskin grew up in Moscow. In 1968 he graduated from the Art Institute of Moscow. Of the artists to emerge from the obscurity of the Soviet underground movement, Grisha Bruskin has been one of the most successful. Known for works that de-mystified Soviet mythology, Bruskin has lived in New York since 1988.

Bruskin's work is included in numerous public collections including the Art Institute of Chicago; Museo Galeria de Arte in Venezuela; Israel Museum in Jerusalem; The Jewish Museum in New York; The Museum of Modern Art in New York; State Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg and many others.

Bruskin's work frequently deals with the myths and symbols of the Soviet system and their empty representation of a Soviet identity. Seen more than a decade after the collapse of the Soviet system, they represent important statements from an artistic community that had no voice.

This lithograph was created as part of a special graphics program by Vera List exclusively for The Jewish Museum in NYC.

May 9, 2010

Alphonse Maria Mucha "Printemps"

Alphonse Maria Mucha (1860-1939)
Printemps (Spring), from the "Four Seasons" series, 1900
32.5"x16.5" (framed)

Value: $8,000

Mucha is most often remembered for the prominent role he played in shaping the aesthetics of French Art Nouveau at the turn of the last century. As a struggling and relatively unknown artist of Czech origin living in Paris, Mucha achieved immediate fame when, in December 1894, he accepted a commission to create a poster for one of the greatest actresses of this time, Sarah Bernhardt.

"The poster craze of the 1890s, called the Belle Epoque, witnessed the rapid evolution and spread of the poster to all of Europe and America. Art Nouveau caught on quickly after Alphonse Mucha created his first masterpiece for Sarah Bernhardt in late 1894. Prominent artists included Orazi and de Feure in France, Livemont and Toussaint in Belgium, Hohenstein and Metlicovitz in Italy, Bradley and Penfield in America, Toorop and van Caspel in Holland, Beardsley in England, and Klimt and Moser in Austria.

Art Nouveau ultimately lost its meaning as industrial society developed in the early Twentieth Century. By World War I, the style had become a naive anachronism in a world of industrial complexities and destructive force, giving way to more relevant decorative movements. The term Art Nouveau is often used more broadly to include other related styles of the Belle Epoque, from the Rococo Revival style of Cheret, the Post-Impressionism of Toulouse-Lautrec, to the Arts and Crafts style of Roland Holst and the Amsterdam School."
[Excerpted from: www.internationalposter.com)

May 8, 2010

Katharine Montstream "Early Morning at the Pond"

Katharine Montstream
Early Morning at the Pond, 2009
6"x9" (image size)

Value: $350

Katharine Montstream is an artist from Burlington, Vermont. She paints in oils and watercolors and is known for her loose and vibrant use of color. She gets her inspiration from Lake Champlain, the Green Mountains, the City of Burlington and the rural roads, farms and gardens of Vermont.

Apr 14, 2010

The following 3 paintings are being offered on consignment through Burlington City Arts and will be available at the event for viewing/purchase.

Charles Louis Heyde (American, 1822-1892)
High Bridge, Winooski
oil on canvas
16"x12" (image)

Value: $12,000

Heyde spent 40 years painting the Vermont landscape after migrating through the New York area (where he first exhibited at the National Academy of Design). He was a friend of poet Walt Whitman, marrying his sister Hannah. Hannah and Charles moved to Burlington in 1856, where Heyde established a studio on the waterfront. Later, he opened a gallery and studio on Church Street, where he also offered painting lessons. Heyde presented the distinctive American natural landscape in the Hudson River School style, through hundreds of idyllic Vermont scenes, one of which is “High Bridge, Winooski.” Reminiscent of a quieter time in local history, this Winooski landscape is nostalgic in its muted color scheme and deep serenity.
Thomas Curtin (Am. 1899-1977)
oil on canvas
24"x30" (image)

Value: $17,000

Born in Pittsfield, MA, Curtin studied at the National Academy of Design and at the Art Students League, where he befriended John Carlson, who would become his mentor. He moved to Vermont with fellow artists, including Carlson, and Emile Gruppé and Aldro Hibbard. His work may be found in countless private and public collections.
John Bunyan Bristol (American, 1826-1909)
Near Middlebury, Vermont
oil on canvas
18"x30" (image)

Value: $20,000

Primarily self-taught, Bristol also studied briefly with Hudson River painter Henry Ary, from whom he assimilated the Hudson River School compositional style of aerial panoramas executed with dark foregrounds, luminous middle grounds, and vanishing backgrounds. Bristol traveled throughout New England over several summers, painting its landscapes. Shown at the National Academy of Design in New York, he became an Associate Member of the National Academy and was later elected to a full membership as an Academician. He exhibited widely and internationally, at venues such as the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia (1876), Paris Exposition (1889), and Pan-American Exposition (1901). His depictions of the Middlebury area are recognizably quaint pastorals bathed in the familiar light of Vermont summer.