May 26, 2010

Linda Karshan "8/3/02 V"

Linda Karshan
8/3/02 V, 2002
woodblock on rice paper (9/20)
20"x18" (framed)

Value: $2,000

Linda Karshan was born in Minneapolis, MN in 1947 and studied Fine Art at Skidmore College, Art History at the Sorbonne in Paris, and later Renaissance art at the Slade in London, where she currently resides part-time. She later received her Master’s in Humanistic Psychology from an Antioch University program in London. Karshan exhibits and is represented internationally. Her primary medium is graphite on paper, though she has, over the last decade, turned to printmaking, an example of which is offered here. Her process is born of a conscious devotion to allow the body a mindless, undirected “dance” as she integrates repetitive, rhythmic sequencing with pulse-like mark-making. This process is a practice in the transference of intuitive energy. For Karshan, the experience of her mark-making is multi-sensory – she can recall the particular sounds (graphite on the paper) of particular drawings. Synchronistic patterns, grids structures, geometrical pattern, time captured and later generated by the viewer, never premeditated, no beginning or end – these are the characteristics of Karshan’s work.