Jun 19, 2010

Max Schumann "Meadowlands"

Max Schumann
oil on cardboard

Value: $1,000

Max Schumann is a conceptual painter working primarily in acrylics. Rooted in the “Cheap Art” movement attributed to Schumann’s father Peter, who is the founder of the countercultural theater group Bread & Puppet. Schumann has also been described as an “Outsider” artist who lives on the inside of the art world (he is Associate Director of "Printed Matter" and he shows his work commercially) -- his work is a fusion between “handmade” and “high art.” He paints Expressionistic scenes copied from mass media sources -- popular material from advertisements (new cars), newspapers (politics and politicians), and film. Shumann often injects words to create political agendas, as is seen in Meadowlands. He has an interest in constructed realities characterized by an un-precious, “fast and furious” style, often repeating his images, just as his media sources do.