Jun 23, 2010

Kari Meyer "Hamadryad"

Kari Meyer
Hamadryad, 2009
acrylic on canvas
Value: $295

Kari Meyer was born and raised in Vermont and the landscape is an integral part of her artistic inspiration. The Japanese ideals of wabi-sabi, a prominent philosophy of Japanese aesthetics, also play a role in inspiring her work.

As an artist, Meyer views art as a form of communication that has a power beyond that of words. Through imagery she attempts to portray ideas that words cannot, like the archetypal beauty that connects all things. Her work attempts to create a positive experience for the viewer, while also making a positive commentary on the world. She believes that the preservation of nature is what will allow for the survival of humanity and the more we ignore the natural beauty around us the further we are from our natural state of being. Meyer views wabi-sabi as an ideal that connects humanity to nature.

“To me, wabi-sabi changes the worldview of western civilization. Things we normally view as negative become beautiful. Loneliness, old age, and death become beautiful because they are inevitable and represent the constant flux of the universe.” Meyer attempts to address this idea of the movement of eternity through her landscapes. The constant change of the seasons, the cycles within nature, to her, represents an immanent relationship between all things that exist. Her work urges the viewer to contemplate the relationship between oneself, nature, and the universe.

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