Jun 10, 2010

Abbi Stern - Brooklyn Heavy Metal Bracelet

Abbi Stern
Brooklyn Heavy Metal -- Birch Bangle
18k gold plated with green tourmaline
roughly 2" wide

Value: $650

"Walking along the beach in Vermont, in an attempt to reconnect with my tree hugging roots, I came across the piece of birch bark that was cast to make this bracelet. Unfortunately due to the flaky nature of birch bark, the original piece was incinerated in the casting process and this 18k gold plated casting is all that remains."
Raised in the rolling hills of Vermont, Abbi escaped her fate as a milk maid by trading in her mukluks and cow paddies for a life of Bottega and Bourbon in Brooklyn. Working everywhere from a corporate office to a designer showroom to a closet inside the men’s bathroom in a NYC club, Abbi’s variety of diverse living and working experiences have become the driving creative force behind Brooklyn Heavy Metal. The dichotomies of city and country, glamour and grunge, are reflected in each piece she designs and handcrafts in her studio in the heart of Gowanus, Brooklyn. Artist Website: Brooklyn Heavy Metal
*Please wear with care as this bangle may easily snag due to the birch bark-like nature of this piece.